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Forum Thread : OneNote 2010 document

After recent Windows updates: Have deleted all temp files. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2010. Able to access the two notebooks I published to the Web via Windows Live. Any assistance would be appreciated, I use OneNote frequently.

Mail Merge Software : Hello.

Hello. I'm looking for a piece of software to help me with mail merges. Specifically, I'm looking for a piece of software/Outlook add-ons that will allow me to insert custom fields (along with the Last Name, First Name, Address, etc. fields, especially with regard to if/then ...more

Forum Thread : Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Be very careful while using the mathematical operators in excel. Use parenthesis to group the numbers. Excel follows the mathematical order of operators BODMAS B: Bracket O: Order/ Power of D: Division M: Multiply A: Addition S: Subtraction Some people may also call it PEDMA ...more

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