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Forum Thread: How to Work with Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel keyboard shortcuts generally start with by pressing the “Alt” key. So, once you press the “Alt” key, you will see a shortcut or in fact an alphabet for each tab in the ribbon. Like F is for File, H is for Home, N for insert and so on. In the old excel interface, I mean 2003, you can find an underline under the letter in the menu which denotes the short key.

Forum Thread: Excel "Recent/Pinned" Box Resets Itself

Excel is pinned to my taskbar; I have two workbooks that I've been using a lot lately, so naturally I pinned them to the right-click menu. The problem is, at least once a day that menu resets itself, so both of the pinned workbooks are unpinned and there are no files under the "Recent" heading. How can I stop this from happening again?

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