Forum Thread: Data Input and Data Store

I have the following situation:

1) Sheet 2 contains my data that I want to display and update from Sheet 1. It also contains additional lookup tables. This will be a hidden sheet (I hope)

2) Sheet 1 contains interface to the user.
----- Top part has a drop down to select 1 item from a list of 10
------Once the item is selected there are 2 areas that get populated
----------Area 1 is static values from the lookup matrix
----------Area 2 is a much larger table that gets its values from a much larger table

(table is 20x5 by the number of items in the drop-down list (10) mentioned above) - What is displayed is only 20x5 based upon the dropdown item selected.

3) What I would like to be able to do is:
-------when the user selects the item - display all the values 20x5 (sub) table.
------- allow the user to update any of the values in the 20x5 (sub)table
------- store the updated values back into the larger table in the 2nd hidden sheet
4) Step 3 is very iterative.

Appreciate any guidance and help in finding a solution for this. I am trying to do this without writing any code. Is that possible?

Thank you,

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