How To: Add a video to a PowerPoint presentation

Add a video to a PowerPoint presentation

The video demonstrates how to add animated images and video content to your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
If you wish to add a video, you must first select the slide where you want it to be. On the top navigation bar, click on the insert tab. and then on the "Movie" icon. Choose movie from file, and browse for the video you want to add to the slide. Click on the video and open. Next, you must choose if you want it to play when clicked or play automatically when you arrive at the slide. You can preview the movie by clicking the slide show icon on the bottom right of the PowerPoint window.
If you wish to add an animation (they come in .GIF format), follow the same steps: choose slide, insert -> movie, only that this time you must choose "movie from clip art". On the right side, you can navigate through a large selection of animated clips that come as a default to PowerPoint (you can also add some by importing). By clicking on the desired animation, it will appear in the currently selected slide. Again, you can preview the animation by clicking the slide show icon.
You should now be able to add movies and animation to your presentation in PowerPoint.

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