How To: Change the Default Font in Excel 2010

Change the Default Font in Excel 2010

Some people may don't like the default word or hyperlink font in their Excel. Though you can change the word font of the whole sheet by using the font tools in the Home menu, but the default font still remains when you create a new Excel file. So, here is the solution.

Step 1: Click the Cell Styles Under the Home Menu

Open an Excel, click Home > Cell Styles.

Step 2: Right-Click "Normal"

To change the default font of normal words, right click Normal .

Step 3: Click "Modify"

Step 4: Click "Format"

Step 5: Then Choose the Font Your Like

In the Font tab, you can choose your font, font style and size for the normal words in the Excel sheet. Click OK to confirm it.

Wanna change the hyperlink font? Click Cell Styles, right-click Hyperlink, then the following steps are the same as changing normal words.

Then, next time you create a new sheet, the font will be what you've set last time.

Extra Tip

You can also try this method. Click File > Options > General. And change the font.

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