How To: Avoid the #DIV/0! error in fornulas in Excel

Avoid the #DIV/0! error in fornulas in Excel

Getting errors when trying to crunch your numbers in Windows Excel can be frustrating, but with this fun and easy to follow guide to remove the "#DIV/0!" error. When the computer thinks you're trying to divide by zero, it produces an annoying error, but by following this video guide you can be free of that irritation. He goes step by step on how to edit the formula calculator so that it no longer produces the error, and even explains in detail why this is solving the error problem. You don't have to be a math wiz or even computer savvy to follow along with this great, educational guide to fixing a annoying error.

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Here is my formula. I have tried all the tricks I know to hide the #DIV/0! error. Can someone help me? Thanks!

=IF(AY121>0, AZ$135/AY121, AZ$136/AZ121)

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