How To: Change the font color in Word 2007

Change the font color in Word 2007

In this Software video tutorial you will learn how to change the font color in Word 2007. The default font color in Word 2007 is black. But, you can change the color of the font to just about any color that you want. Click on the 'home' tab of the ribbon on top of the page and you will see a small window with the letter 'A' in it. Click on the arrow next to it and it will display a color palette with automatic, theme colors, standard colors and more colors sections. Here you select any color and type and the font color will change. You can also select a part of the text and click on a color and the text color will change. A color bar is displayed under the 'A'. Select any text and click on 'A' and the color of text will change. If you want more colors, then click on 'more colors' and a new palette will be displayed for you to choose from. You can choose any color for any part of the text. That's it, have fun!

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