How To: Check your voicemail in Microsoft Outlook

Check your voicemail in Microsoft Outlook

In this how to video, you will learn how to check your voice mail in Microsoft Office Outlook. Your exchange administrator must enable unified messaging for these messages to appear. First, open the program to set up your voice mail options. Go to options and click the voice mail tab. Your phone number should appear in the correct form. Click call to check your voice mail. Enter your number and click x and okay. Now you are ready to listen to your voice mail messages on your computer. From Outlook, open a voice mail message in the inbox. Click play to hear it. You can stop, pause, rewind, and skip through these messages, You can add and edit notes in these messages by clicking audio notes. When you are finished, close it. These can be archived in any folders for later. You now know how to set up and check your voice mail in Outlook.

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