Cozy How To: Microsoft Office Ribbon Interface & Work Space

Microsoft Office Ribbon Interface & Work Space

PowerPoint Tutorials for Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software. In this introduction tutorial we will be using PowerPoint 2010 and will focus on the interface workspace by reviewing the ribbon, slide pane and slide tabs. The ribbon is designed much like a website navigation menu bar and has multiple categories to separate all of the tools into an organized bar. By default the Home tab is selected and will include most of the tools that are commonly used when editing and creating a PowerPoint presentation. Keep in mind most features in 2010 will also apply to 2013 version of Microsoft Office.

Later on in the tutorial we will go over the Slide Pane, which is the main area were you will add different elements and objects to your project such as shapes, images, pictures, audio, video and so on. The Slide Tabs has small thumbnail previews of the slide pane and is useful when you have multiple slides for your presentation.

This tutorial was created by Cozy HowTo your place for a snugly warm learning experience. If you have questions or have a tutorial request let us know and we will do our best to help you and create a tutorial for you specific needs.

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