How To: Customize a Watermark in Word 2007

Customize a Watermark in Word 2007

Get to design your own watermark for your documents. Here's a video showing these easy steps to watermarking your documents. 1. Go to the "Page Layout" tab in Word 2007 and look for the "Page Background" section of the toolbar and select the "Watermark" button. 2. Click on the "Custom Watermark". 3. Click on either picture or text watermark, whichever you prefer. 4. If you select the Picture Watermark, you need to insert a picture by clicking the select picture. You can also customize the scaling of your picture watermark. It is also preferable to click the washout option so that the picture could be lighter and won't be able to take away the content of your document. 5. The other option is the Text Watermark. Choosing this can allow you to create a custom text for your watermark. 6. You can either type your own text, customize its font, font size, font color and its layout in your document. It is also preferred that the "Semitransparent" option is chosen so the watermark won't be able to interfere with the texts in your document. 7. Whichever option you use, once you click "Apply", you can see the custom watermark appear in your document.

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