How To: Embed a YouTube video into MS Powerpoint 07

Embed a YouTube video into MS Powerpoint 07

Chris Davis with the Educational Technology Center shows us a few easy steps to putting YouTube videos in our Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentations. To start you'll need to have an active internet connection and you should have the developer tab in PowerPoint active. To do this go to the Office menu, PowerPoint options, popular and click show developer tab. Locate the hammer looking more control option button and scroll down to Shockwave Flash Object and click it. This allows you to draw a box on your slides, which you can resize and move around later if you need too. To get the video to play in this box first you'll need to copy the YouTube video URL. Right click on your box and select properties. From there you should see an area in the box that reads "movie" paste the URL into that section. Delete the "watch?" section of the URL and replace the = with a /. There are also several other options available in this properties section, such as auto play and loop, change them to True or False depending on your preference. From there you can test your video. Remember that you'll need to have internet access for this to work. Enjoy.

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