How To: Embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint w/ no internet

Embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint w/ no internet

This genius video shows the viewers how to easily embed and add a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation with no internet connection! First you will need to make sure you are using Firefox. After getting Firefox, make sure you install a Firefox Add-on called Video downloader. To get this add-on, Google 'video downloader' and install the add-on. you will see a new icon at the bottom of the screen to the right. First, go to the video you would like to download on YouTube and click on the icon to the right of the screen to download it. Click Download Link, save the video, and save it as an .FLV file extension. Now, you will need to download SUPER which can be found at html. Download SUPER, install and run. Use SUPER to transfer your FLV file to a file PowerPoint can read. Choose MPEG 1 as the file type. Convert or encode your video and save. Now you can find it's destination, open it in PowerPoint and add it to your presentation! The file will be in your C drive. Now, you can add any YouTube video to your presentation!

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