How To: Format tables in MS Word 2007

Format tables in MS Word 2007

In this video the instructor shows how to format tables in Microsoft Word 2007. To know how to format tables in Word, you will first have to know how to create them. This video assumes that you already know how to create tables. When you click inside a table in Word, a new tab label, Table Tools, appears above the Design tab in the tool bar. In the Design tab there are a lot of options available that can change the look of your table with just a click. To the extreme left there are three check boxes with options like Header Row, Total Row and Banded Rows. Changing these options changes the view of your tables in real time and you can quickly format your look using these. In the center of the tab there are a set of predefined designs, and selecting any one of them applies it to the selected table automatically. There are many other options described in detail in this video.

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