How to Get last price in an Excel column based on criteria

Want to retrieve a value in a given Excel column based on criteria from multiple other external columns? You can. And it's not so very hard provided you know what to do (hint: you'll use the LOOKUP function). Get in the know with this, the 541st installment of ExcelIsFun's series of Excel magic tricks.


Thank you very much,but I want know How Data Validation and Conditional Formatting was done in this example.

Thank you very much, My questions was solved:
1 - B1 >Data Validation>List>Sweeter;Jacket;Pants
B2 >Data Validation>List>Small;Med;Large
2 - Conditional Formatting
Range A7:D14 > Formula =IF(AND($B7=$B$1;$C7=$B$2);TRUE)
3 - Last Price
B3 >Formula =LOOKUP(10^10;1/((B7:B14=B1)*(C7:C14=B2));D7:D14)
Is correct ? or nor ?
Thanks to you.

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