How To: Insert a picture or clip art in MS Word 2007

Insert a picture or clip art in MS Word 2007

For inserting a picture, from the INSERT Tab click picture. Then the insert dialog box gets opened. From there you can locate the desired picture. Locate the picture to be inserted and double click it. We can also replace the picture selected. For replacing any one of the following can be done: Under PICTURE tools, on the FORMAT tab, in the ADJUST group, click Change picture OR right click the picture to be replaced and click CHANGE PICTURE. Locate a new picture, and double click it.
For adding a clip art to WORD document click INSERT Tab, click on CLIP ART button. The clip art task pane appears. In the SEARCH FOR box, type a description of what we need to search for. Click to the GO button. Point the mouse at the image of interest. A menu button appears. Click the menu button and choose INSERT. The image is popped down into the document.
After seeing the video you can easily understand to insert a picture or clip art from MS WORD.

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