How To: Make an Excel dynamic named range across multiple rows

Make an Excel dynamic named range across multiple rows

Teach Excel demonstrates how to make an Excel dynamic named range across multiple rows. Highlight the cells that you want to include in your named range and give it a name. You can then use that name in formulas. But it's not a dynamic named range so it won't account for added information. Ctrl + F3 is the name manager shortcut and the F3 is the paste name shortcut. Use the name manager and highlight the named range. Delete the absolute cell references and type in offset. Then, select the first thing in the name range and then enter where you want to move the reference point and by how much. Next, adjust the height of the range by using the count function and selecting the column or row that you would like to reference. The newly added data will now be accounted for in the formula because of the dynamic named range.

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