How To: Make a Jeopardy board using Powerpoint 2007

Make a Jeopardy board using Powerpoint 2007

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful software to make presentations. It can also be used to make a Jeopardy board. To do this open a new PowerPoint presentation. Start with a title layout. Now add a gradient to its background. To do it right click on it and select the fill option from the menu. Select the color of you choice and fill the background. Now add the title in the layout with suitable fonts. Now add a new slide and insert a 5 X 6 table to it. Format the table with colors of your choice. Fill the table with values of your choice. Now select one of the cells and right click on the text. From the menu select the hyperlink option. This opens the 'Insert Hyperlink' menu. Using that menu you can place the hyperlink to the same document. Select the slide that you want to link to. So when you run your slide show, by clicking on your hyperlink you can access your other slides. This video shows how to make a Jeopardy board.

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