How To: Open, close & save documents in MS Word 2007

Open, close & save documents in MS Word 2007

In this beginners video, the instructor shows how to use Word 2007 by opening, closing, and saving documents. When you open the Microsoft Word software with out any documents, the window looks gray indicating the same. There is an office button present in the top left corner of the window through which you can access various options. Click on it, and select the open button which brings up the open dialog box. Now, you can browse through your computer and select any Word document to be opened. From the same office button, there is also another option to select a new document. Now, after opening a new document, you can edit your data in it, and finally from the same office button, you can choose to save the file. It asks you for the location. After selecting a folder on the hard disk, and specifying the name, it will save the document. This video shows how to open, save, and close documents in Word 2007.

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