How To: Open/copy/save files & create folders in MS Word 2007

Open/copy/save files & create folders in MS Word 2007

When you're using MS Word you should be able to see a large Microsoft office icon in the top-left icon. Clicking it opens up a menu where you should be able to see the save button. Pressing this button will save your work or overwrite a previous copy. If you press 'save as' instead, you will have the option to change what format the file is saved as and what name it is saved under so as not to overwrite the existing copy. When you've decided on the name and format and where to save, just press save to save your work.
If you press the office button again, you'll also see the open button. If you press it a similar window of your computer's hierarchy will open where you can search for the document you want to open. All text formats will be visible in this window.

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