How To: Pin recent Excel documents to the office button menu

Pin recent Excel documents to the office button menu

This video helps you to Pin Recent Documents in Excel to the Start Menu or Office Button Menu in Excel 2007. When you click the office button on the left corner, your recent documents will appear by default. If you open a new document, it will push the other documents down and it will appear on the top. So, if you want a particular document to open whenever you open the excel, you have to click that particular document by clicking the pin that appears in the right side of it. This will turn the pin to green color. This is how you have to pin the document you need, so even though you create many documents, this will appear when you open the excel. To delete the entire list of recent documents from appearing in the office button, click the excel options, go to advance tab, scroll down until you see display. There you can find "Show this number of Recent Document". Change the number there as you prefer to see the recent documents, as shown in the video. If you set zero, no documents will appear, if you set 10, the next 10 documents you open will appear. So, follow the steps to pin your document.

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