How To: Preview pasted items in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Preview pasted items in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

This video is describing how to preview the pasted items such as from another PowerPoint or any other articles. These are all features available in the "Microsoft Office Power Point 2010". We will take the "conference1" presentation in that the first slide and we would like to add some text from another "Document" from another application like "Microsoft Word". So, we click and drop the mouse to select that and click the Copy button on the top of the word file or we can copy by the keyboard itself. After that switch back to PowerPoint. After switching to PowerPoint, paste the word. In the drop down button we have some options. If we make changes on the text, "Keep Source Formatting" is the first option which will keep the letter format. When we move to next option "Use Destination Theme" will help to change Property of the letter. The third option is to paste the text formatted objects and the fourth option "Keep text only" which will paste the text without any formatting. Finally, click on the pasted text and adjust position by moving borders and change the letter size which will be suitable to the existing text in Slide.

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