How To: Put your MS Access databases on your website

Put your MS Access databases on your website

To start off the process of publishing your access database online we first look at a sample MS ACCESS database with typical formats and a online searchable application where users can search by library name or city and get details of the library. There are 3 steps to publish the database. The first step is importing data which can be done through clicking on the file menu and then click on import data through a Microsoft Access Database. Now select the file you want to import through the browse button. Import the table as a brand new table. Click next and finish. Second step is creating the search application. Click on data pages and click on new button launching the data page wizard. Create a search and report application. Select the data source and style and click next twice and search the users by name and city. Now configure the search fields to make it a keyword search and a drop down menu. Now you design the results page layout and select the tabular form along with other default options. Sort the results options by name. Now deploying the database can be done by selected the data page and click on deploy. You have to now use the embedded method to deploy. You copy the deploy code from there to the site you want to deploy it on by changing the code and inserting your code in it. Publish it and refresh the page. The uploading is done.

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