How To: Set-up your Gmail account with Outlook

Set-up your Gmail account with Outlook

lakercoolman shows us how to set up our gmail account with this quick tutorial. Basically outlook express is a program that helps us to organize our email with added features such as contacts, to do lists and calender entries. Its an offline email client that allows us to work offline and also lets us set up exchange servers aswell. Ohter email servers such as hotmail and yahoo charge for thios service but the advantage of gmail is that IMAP or POP access is free. in ofer to set up, navigate to the web page of gmail, go to settings and then to the forwarding pop/imap tab. Set up forwarding and enable POP. Select the other options such as if you want gmail to archive the original message or deleate it instead. Move dowwn to configure the respective client in this case outlook 2003. in the outlook window move to Tools>> Email accounts>> Add>> add your details and in the incoming server write and outgoing as Also in more settings add port the imap and smtp numbers 993 and 465 respectively as show in the video. We can also add exchange servers and much more features as well. Alternate options of microsoft outlook include mozilla Thunderbird which is fully open source and is supposed to be faster.

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