How To: Set your essay to MLA format in MS Word 2007

Set your essay to MLA format in MS Word 2007

In order to apply MLA format in MS Word 2007, you will need to change the lines and spacings. Press Control + A. This will highlight all of your typing. Then, click on No Spacing. Scroll to Times New Roman, in the font style drop down menu. Change the font size to 12. Change the line spacing to 2.0. You will need to re-center anything that was centered before. Your headers and footers will still be in the default font style. So, you will need to change them as well. Double click on the header, and proceed to change it as you did the above changes. When you double click on the text, you are done. You should also make sure that your margins are properly spaced. To make this your default, go to advanced options. Scroll down to file locations. Find "user templates". Then, click modify. Then, copy the document location. Then, find where that document is saved. Save the formatting that you just created. This will be the default.

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