How To: Translate documents in Microsoft Office: Mac 2008

Translate documents in Microsoft Office: Mac 2008

If you've ever had to work with documents written in other languages, you know how painstakingly difficult it can be if you're not a fluent speaker of the language. But now, with the help of Office 2008 for Mac, translating those documents is easy. You can know easily translate a PowerPoint presentation in almost any language to almost any language! And you can also translate Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and even emails in Entourage! This translator is available right in the reference tools in the Toolbox. The Microsoft Office for Mac team shows you just how to get a fast and free document translation in this how-to video.

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hi i just tried this and it failed. is there a limit of words that worldlingo translates via word? i have an account with worldlink and i find max is 100 pages. my doc via word i was using has 60000 words

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