How To: Use the bibliography feature in MS Word 2007

Use the bibliography feature in MS Word 2007

In order to use the bibliography feature in Microsoft Word 2007, you will need to begin by opening your document in Word. Find the place where you would like to add a reference. Place your cursor in that spot. Then, go to the tool bar. Click on "Insert Citation". Click on "Add New Source". When the pop-up opens, enter the information about the periodical or book that you are citing. Fill it in completely. Make sure you choose the type of material you are referencing in the top drop down menu. When you are done, click "OK". This will automatically place your information in the appropriate style. To make sure that it is in the appropriate style, look at "Style" on your tool bar. There is a drop down menu, in case you need to change it. You can change it to AP or MLA or Chicago or anything else that you might need. To go to your bibliography page, click on "Bibliography". This will give you another drop down menu. Choose the style you would like to use: i.e. Works Cited or Bibliography. It will automatically list the sources there.

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