How To: Use Excel round function & number formatting

Use Excel round function & number formatting

In this video the instructor shows how to use the Round function and also format numbers in Microsoft Excel. Normally while calculating formulas in Excel, the formatting of numbers can get you into a lot of trouble and to get around this problem you need to use the Round function. To do this take some sample data in a Excel work book and apply any formula that you want on the data to arrive at some calculation. Now because of this formatting some times you can arrive at a wrong result as shown in the video. The error may be very trivial, but it is still an error and to get around this you need to do the number formatting. To achieve the preciseness in your calculations you need to increase the precision of the numbers. To do this press Control and 1. This opens the format cells window where go to the accounting sub menu and increase the precision of the digits. Now as the display of lengthy decimals after the point can be unattractive use the Round function to round it off to the required number of digits. This video shows how to use Round function and also perform number formatting in Microsoft Excel.

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