How to Use the Excel Vlookup function in Microsoft Excel 2007

Use the Excel Vlookup function in Microsoft Excel 2007 to look up data in a table. This tutorial looks up the level and value of a product from a stock list using the Vlookup function in Excel.

To use the Vlookup function in Excel 2007:

1. Click on the Formulas tab on the ribbon
2. Click on the Lookup and Reference button in the Function Library group
3. Select Vlookup from the list

The Excel Vlookup function needs 4 pieces of information in order to work. These pieces of information are known as arguments. Vlookup needs to know the:

* Lookup Value (What you are looking for?)
* Table Array (Where can Excel find this Lookup Value?)
* Col Index Num (The number of the column that holds the data you want to return.)
* Range Lookup (Are you looking for an approximate or exact match?)

4. Enter each one into the required field and click Ok

An example Vlookup function would look like below.


This function will look for whatever is entered into cell H4. It will look for it in the cell range A3 to F9 (the dollar signs signify an absolute cell range). And the Vlookup function will return the contents of column number 6.

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