How To: Use macro security options in Excel 2007

Use macro security options in Excel 2007

Some times when you upgrade your Microsoft Excel software to Excel 2007 your old macros may stop working. Some times this may be due to the settings and by enabling the macros you can get your old macros to work. Macros are turn off by default in Excel 2007. You can turn this on from the macro security settings. But the settings option is it self completely hidden. You cannot find it in any of the tabs present on the top of the program. Even the macros option present in the view tab has no security option. So to enable macros choose the office button and select the Excel option. On the left hand side select the trust center. On the right hand side open the setting. In the settings window select the macros settings. From here you can enable the macros. This video shows how to enable macros in Excel 2007.

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