How To: Use Microsoft Excel to determine statistical values

Use Microsoft Excel to determine statistical values

Follow this video to learn how to formulate calculations in Microsoft Excel. First type in a list of numbers in the cells. In order to calculate the median click on the cell where you want the answer to be shown. Then type equals, average, open bracket and insert the cell code where the first number is, colon, and then type in the cell where the last number in the list lies, and close brackets. In practice this is an example where the numbers are in a list from cell A1 to cell A11: =AVEARAGE(A1:A11). Once you type it in press Enter and the median result will be shown. To calculate the Median and the Mode the procedure is quite similar. Taking the example that the numbers are in a column from A1 to A11 for the median type =MEDIAN(A1:A11) and for the mode type in =MODE(A1:A11). Results will be shown when hitting Enter.

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