How To: Use new features in Microsoft Word: Mac 2008

Use new features in Microsoft Word: Mac 2008

Word 2008 for Mac is jam-packed with tons of cool and useful features and tools that you can use to make a great looking document. Starting with the pre-made templates is the best way to go, and from there, customize it the best you can, anyway you can. The Microsoft Office for Mac team shows you all the great features in this how-to video.

Have you ever wondered how to add a cover page or table of contents in only a few clicks? Or how you know if a document will look the same in other versions of Office? Do you want to create professional-looking documents by using the templates included with Word? You'll learn about these and other great features that make Word much more than a word processing application.

After watching this video, you'll be able to:

* Create a new document by using a professionally designed template.
* Visually enhance a document by using clip art and photos.
* Add a cover sheet, table of contents, and other document elements.
* Check a document to make sure that it's compatible with other versions of Office.
* Take written notes and record audio notes in notebook layout view.

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