How To: Use repeat (REPT) function in Excel

Use repeat (REPT) function in Excel

There are many functions in Microsoft Excel. One function that people rarely use is the Repeat function or REPT. In this video, an example used is a chart of people and their sales of a certain item. Just looking at the numbers, it is hard to compare the different sales easily, but a more visual approach may work better. Next to one of the cells, type in "=REPT(" which is the repeat function. A popup should say "=REPT(text, numbertimes)". For "text", type in *** or anything, really. For "numbertimes", type in the cell number you are typing next to. Click enter. The *** or whatever you typed in will be repeated the number of times that is in the cell number you entered in "numbertimes". Drag that cell down all the way to the bottom of the chart. All of the sales (or whatever numbers you are comparing) will be represented in a bar chart-like format. This function can be very helpful when comparing different sets of data.

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