How To: Use the WORKDAY & WORKDAY.INTL functions in Excel 2010

Use the WORKDAY & WORKDAY.INTL functions in Excel 2010

This video tells us the method to use the WORKDAY & WORKDAY.INTL functions in Excel. These functions are used to find a workday after a finite number of workdays in the future. WORKDAY uses Saturday and Sunday as off days. Its syntax is WORKDAY(start date, days, [holidays]). 'days' refers to the number of days in the future and holidays is the list of holidays written below each other in the same column. If Saturday and Sundays are not your off days, use WORKDAY.INTL. Its syntax is WORKDAY.INTL(start date, days, [weekend], [holidays]). The difference here is the weekend option which takes a numerical argument depending on your off days. The list of arguments is shown in a drop down menu while using the function. This finishes the video.

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