Forum Thread: Why Aren't TRUE Excel Based Dashboards More Prevalent?

Many systems offer true dashboard capabilities, but they are usually part of BI (Business Intelligence), complex and expensive applications, that only enterprises may afford

Excel is without any doubt the most popular and affordable "BI" solution, but it basically lacks the components and the structures that could make it an affordable and widespread tool for implementing true dashboard solutions that do not require specialized systems

Some attempts have been made to "force" the native charting tools of Excel to emulate true dashboard gauges, but so far the quality and ease of use are quite limited. DashboardPlus aims at filling the gap by adding to Excel true dashboard capabilities!

What DashboardPlus actually does, is to provide Excel with a totally new breed of true visual dashboard components (ActiveX) that may be linked to any cell and a "Console" on which to drop these components together with other regular Excel objects in order to create a logical, concise and appealing display of the "state of the business"

As far as we know, DashboardPlus is the only available solution that completely integrates true dashboard capabilities within Excel, transforming it into an efficient and effective dashboard application. The dashboards may be easily and automatically exported to Html format, making them immediately available for Web display.

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