How To: Multiply column times row with Transpose in MS Excel

Multiply column times row with Transpose in MS Excel

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There are some numbers listed in vertical and horizontal form.

and now suppose we want to multiply them. In order to multiply them we will highlight the cells of the next vertical columns.

Now put an Equal sign(=)in front of the first vertical number and select all the numbers present in he vertical list.It will show like(=A2:A19). Now we will multiply them by the horizontal list.To do this we will write after =A2:A19. it will be shown as =A2:A19*. Suppose the numbers in the horizontal list are not in right manner. Then we have to right TRANSPOSE after =A2:A19*. TRANSPOSE is an array function and will be shown as TRANSPOSE(array).Now it will take data oriented horizontally and make it vertically.

Now when we select the horizontal list then it will show TRANSPOSE(E1:V1). If we want it to work, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. By doing this we will get the product result of the following vertical and horizontal list in the next row to the given vertical list. This is all how to do it.

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