Forum Thread: Conditional Formating Based on an Entered date. Not todays date!

I have a column of dates which are entered by our sales guys when they last had contact with a customer. I wish to highlight the row based on the date they enter being over 60 days ago. All the forums i have looked at have showed me how to do it based on todays date, but in this circumstance todays date is irrelevant. Help please!

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Check out this site:
I used conditional formatting to highlight a cell (make it red) if the date is next month.
Select the cells you wanted the formula to apply to (in my case, column B)
Select Conditional Formatting
Select New rule
Select Format only cells that contain
Select dates occurring (under the cell value pull down menu)
Select next month (I wanted some advance warning when the expiration date was coming up)
Select Format to apply font and/or fill formatting you want to apply to the cells

Hope this helped.

Conditional formatting has been a feature in Excel for years, but in Excel 2013 there's a faster way for you to to visualise patterns.

Save time by selecting your data, a small box will appear with a lightning bolt symbol. Click on this to get the conditional format options. Find out more @

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