How To: Sort & find duplicates in Excel

Sort & find duplicates in Excel

This tutorial teaches one on how to sort a given number of contacts in the Excel spreadsheet so that identical values in the sort appear after one another.

In the column next to the sorted column it shows whether the (cell 1 is equal or not equal to the cell 2 directly underneath it). To accomplish that we go to the formula bar at the top (next to the letters fx) and type in =A1=A2 and pres "ENTER". Excel will then determine if the formula is true or not and display TRUE OR FALSE in first row second column. Then we need to drag the corner of the cell with (true or false) down to the last row. That it now if we have a duplicate it will show up as true. It also explains that we need to copy the 2 column cells and paste directly on top of them by selecting paste special as values. That will turn the cells from being formulas into values.

Finally tutorial explains how to seperate the true from false values. For that it says to select everything right click and select sort by column b.

Then it puts all the TRUE values (duplicates) at the bottom at which case you select them and delete them and you are done!

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