How To: Sort data in Excel

Sort data in Excel shows how to sort data in Excel 2007. Excel has many options for sorting data according to any given column. To sort your data, right click on a cell in the column that you want to sort by. A menu comes up where you will see the “Sort” option. Hold your mouse over “Sort” and another menu comes up showing the different ways to sort. For example, if you select “Sort Smallest to Largest” it will take all the data and sort it from the row that has the lowest figure up to the row that has the largest figure. It includes all the data in the associated columns and sorts that as well. It can also use that data to sort either numerically or alphabetically.

You also have the option to “Put Selected Cell Color on Top”. It will then sort so that all the rows with the same color as the selected cell in that column are placed at the top. You can do the same thing with text color.

“Custom Sort” lets you add more detail to the way you sort the columns, according to values that you select. You can choose to sort by case sensitive, or left to right rather than top to bottom.

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