How to Use the new features in Microsoft PowerPoint: Mac 2008

If you've used PowerPoint in the past, you're probably used to version available on Windows, but you can do even more in PowerPoint 2008 for Mac. There are tons of new features that slideshow builders will love, but sometimes you can never know about them unless someone tells you about them. The Microsoft Office for Mac team shows you all the great features in this how-to video.

Did you know that with just a few clicks you can make a presentation look like it was professionally designed? You can use a theme for an overall look, or mix and match design elements, alignment, and text options. During your presentation, you can keep track of elapsed time, and see your slide notes and upcoming slides while your audience sees only what you want them to see. In this course, you'll learn about these and other great PowerPoint features.

After watching this video, you'll be able to:

* Quickly give all text, charts, backgrounds, and tables a consistent look.
* Create attractive information graphics and diagrams from text.
* Accurately align everything on your slide.
* Organize and import slides directly from other PowerPoint presentations.
* Save a presentation as an iPhoto album.
* Use presenter tools while your audience sees only what you want them to see.

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