How To: Use Table Styles in Microsoft PowerPoint: Mac 2008

Use Table Styles in Microsoft PowerPoint: Mac 2008

Sure, you can make boring tables inside PowerPoint 2008 for Mac, but who wants to add that dull element to their slideshow presentations? Nobody! Tables can be more than just numbers, they can be eye-catching and visually striking. The Microsoft Office for Mac team shows you just how to create great-looking tables by using Tables Styles in this how-to video.

A table can be an ideal way to present information on a slide. In PowerPoint 2008, you can quickly insert pre-formatted tables that are designed to match your presentation theme. You can also easily format table text and apply different styles and effects to make the table look exactly how you want it to.

After watching this video, you'll be able to:

* Use the new Elements Gallery to insert a preformatted table.
* Resize and move a table on a slide.
* Change table styles and effects.
* Add and format table text.
* Apply a different presentation theme to a table.
* Save a table as a picture.

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