How To: Use navigation & selection techniques in MS Word 2007

Use navigation & selection techniques in MS Word 2007

User mel_bone teaches you how to use navigation and selection techniques in Microsoft Word 2007. You will notice in the bottom right corner of the main window a slider. This controls the zoom. You can thus increase the page size or decrease it, as you need. When you have a document that has more than one page, you can go to the end of the document by pressing ctrl+end. Ctrl+home brings you to the start of the document. Clicking and holding the mouse button pressed on the navigation bar lets you know what page of the document you are on. To select a word, double click it. To select a paragraph, triple click on a word from that paragraph. Once you have a word selected you can press ctrl and select another word. This is a way to format more than one word at a time.

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